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   Michael Long, the founder and owner of Affordable Construction, is a
driven man. Everything he undertakes he applies himself “full speed
ahead”. For the past few years that energy has been funneled in
developing the best home contraction company in the Pine Belt area.

   Affordable Construction is focused on the existing home market – not
new construction.  Mike believes that many more families can be helped
with his services by focusing on existing homes.  Before he decided to
embark into this business he carefully studied the market and
determined that many of the remodeling and home improvement
contractors in Hattiesburg and the Pine Belt were not performing up to
his “quality work at affordable price” standards that are the cornerstone
of Mike’s business philosophy.

   Now after several years, Mike and Affordable Construction have
developed an excellent reputation among his clients.
   Raised in the Pine Belt (Purvis), Mike spent over 20 years in the Machine Shop business.  There he learned that the margin of
error is small if the machined part is to work properly.  Mike applies that same standard of precision to his construction company.

   In Mike’s free time, he enjoys his wife and two daughters in their home in Purvis and occasionally bass fishing or working a scuba
diving class as a Certified Dive Master.
  • We listen to you - then develop a plan that fits your goals and pocket book - not ours.

  • We offer a wide range of services - home repairs, remodeling and additions. When you hire us, we will
    complete the full scope of work. You won't need to hire any other contractor.

  • Michael is a gifted "do everything" guy; but when he uses other tradesmen to assist him, they are
    proven commodities - and always under Michael's supervision.

  • We will give you a no-obligation written proposal and an estimated completion date.  We will not start
    work then "leave your stranded"